User friendly, customizable solutions for the plasma collection workflow

Mosquito: strong track record and new expansion momentum after COVID

Mosquito was developed by plasma collection experts

18 months long IT development and testing was started in early 2016 and was officially implemented in the first plasma collection center in 2017 Q3

The management and the IT development team has previously known and gained experience with 4 different plasma collection software but none of them was properly optimized for the plasma collection workflow

Mosquito is currently implemented in 10 Takeda plasma collection centers

Once Takeda acquired the 7 centers of Vascular Plasma in Hungary in 2019, it not only requested to maintain the operation with Mosquito in those 7 centers but also replaced their existing software in 3 additional centers.

International expansion initiated after COVID: software is already being introduced by two additional plasma collection players in Europe.

Plan to enter the USA market as next step

Mosquito szoftverünk használat közben

Mosquito is a user friendly and highly customizable solutions addressing all needs along the plasma collection workflow

Identified customers needs and pain points

Mosquito’s unique solution